Consulting Services:

Breast-Med, Inc., a Minnesota corporation, provides consulting services focused on new technologies and breast care program implementation and development. 

Breast-Med continues to provide consulting services with national and international companies involving CAD software, whole breast digital imaging, minimally invasive devices (image-guidance and therapy), and a range of imaging and image-guided therapeutics. Breast-Med also consults with large and small companies, ranging from industry leaders to start-up companies, in connection with advanced technologies for improved diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of cancers and non-cancerous conditions, with an emphasis on breast health.

We also offer digital mammography and computer-aided detection capabilities for small and medium-sized hospitals.


Breast-Med has developed a patented implantable soft tissue marker.  Our initial product, intended for use in a variety of clinical applications, including as breast biopsy site marker and as implantable fiducial marker, was conceived and developed by co-inventors Patrick Bolan, Ph.D., Michael Garwood, Ph.D., Michael T. Nelson, MD, and Daniel A. Halpern.

Our initial product focus has been breast biopsy site marking applications, including minimally-invasive procedures, and is intended to be compatible with and well-visualized under all key imaging modalities, including x-ray based methods such as conventional mammography, computed tomography (“CT”) and fluoroscopy, as well as other imaging approaches that do not involve x-rays, such as ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (“MRI”), MR spectroscopy, and nuclear medicine SPECT and positron emission tomography (“PET”).  We believe it can play an important role in the continued paradigm shift from invasive open surgical to minimally-invasive biopsy procedures. 

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Current Work

Breast-Med has developed digital technology using CAD (computer-aided diagnosis), HIPAA-compliant internet transfer of images to a central data warehouse, and expert readers that will allow small and medium-sized hospitals the same expertise that large medical centers now enjoy.

Breast-Med is developing, together with CMRR (the Center for Magnetic Resonance Imaging Research, University of Minnesota), new macromolecular technology that will allow major cancer centers to achieve improved diagnosis and follow-up of breast cancer and other human solid tumors. By using high field MRI (T3) and MR spectroscopy (MRS), large cancer centers will be able to diagnose and evaluate treatment (chemotherapy) within as little as 24 hours following initial treatment.

Along with fusion scanning with CAD (CT/PET combination), cancer centers will be able to diagnose and treat patients with patient-specific information from the tumor, including 3-D extension of the tumors, response to therapy and residual tumor. This has the potential to revolutionize cancer treatment at every major cancer center through advanced macromolecular imaging.